eClaims - Detail Panel

Claim Details Panel

When a single eClaim is selected in the eClaims Table, the lower, left panel will populate with a list of nodes. The contents of this panel are referred to as the claim details. If the user twists down a node, it will display a list of fields and values. The values as they are shown within the node are all values that could potentially be written to the eClaim file.

Not all values that are shown in the claim details will necessarily show on the actual claim. Many values are only written to the eClaim file under specific circumstances. However, if the specific conditions are met, the value that shows in the claim details is the value that will appear on the claim.

For example: If 'Secondary Medicare Type', in the Primary Node is set to "Other Liability Insurance is Primary", this will only populate information in the claim file if the claim is a secondary eClaim that is going to Medicare. If the claim is a secondary claim that is going to Medicare, then the code, "47" will populate the claim, which is the numerical code for "Other Liability Insurance is Primary". If the claim is primary, or if the claim is going to a payer that is not Medicare, this information will not populate the claim file at all.

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