Ledger - Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan Node
This is where new Treatment Plans are Created.

This is where future Treatments are maintained.

Similar to Transactions, a Treatment Plan will give an accurate depiction of charges that are projected to occur in the future. Individual charges are referred to as Treatments and multiple Treatments can be added to Phases. A Phase is a "chapter" within the treatment plan. Generally, each Phase would be a separate visit.

New Treatments and Phases can be created in the Treatments menu.

If a new Treatment Plan will match a current Treatment Plan, the existing Treatment Plan can be duplicated by going into the Incidents menu and selecting Duplicate Treatment Plan.

Existing Treatment Plans can be seen in the Treatment Plans Node.

Instructions on moving the Treatment plan a scheduled appointment can be found Here.

Several options for Treatment Plans, including changing the background color, can be found in the Preferences > Ledger > Treatment.

It is possible to Print the Treatment Plans.

Expected payments can be placed in the Treatment Plans as Predeterminations.

Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to Rebuild Treatment Plans.

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