Payment Window - General Charge Information

The columns in the procedure summary table in the bottom half of the Payment Window can be lengthened to fully display the information or shortened to make room for other columns in the display. You can also reorder columns by clicking the dragging. This table displays information regarding the charges which the payment is or can be applied to. 

Procedure Date

This column will display the procedure (edited) date from the procedure code's New Charge Window. MacPractice tracks both the Procedure Date (the one that you can edit) and the Posted Date (the day that you posted the transaction in the ledger). The procedure date on the charge typically reflects the actual date of service rather than the date that the charge was entered into the ledger.

Procedure Code and Description

The procedure code and description columns will pull their information from the corresponding New Charge windows. For a patient payment, all charges with open balances will be listed, unless otherwise indicated through the Patient or Incident menus. For an insurance payment, all charges sent out on the claim selected in the Outstanding Claims menu will be listed.

Record #

MacPractice automatically assigns this number to each ledger transaction, numerically as they are entered. As this number is for internal identification purposes only, we suggest moving this column to the far right end of the window. 


This column displays the tooth number(s) associated to the procedure code in that row, either from the New Charge window in the ledger or from entering the procedure through Restorative Charting. 

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