Payment Window - Provider and Office

Use the Provider and Office menus to change the provider or office associated to the payment. The provider and office in the Payment Window will default based on the the corresponding Preference.

The payment provider affects receipts and deposit reports in MacPractice. The payment provider is not credited with earning the money applied to charges; this is instead based on the charge provider. The payment provider is credited for earning any unapplied amounts. The payment provider will be printed on statements as the recipient provider for payment and will be displayed in such reports as the Day Sheets and Deposit Slip.

  • If using a statement that details provider information per item, the payment provider will be shown next to payments, and refunds.
  • Filters the Day Month Year report for gross and unapplied payments.
  • Filters the Gross Receipts report for unapplied payments only.
  • Filters the following Accounting/Financial reports: Negative Adjustments, Refunds, and Unapplied (Credit) Balance.
  • Filters the Posted Date Day Sheet and the Procedure Date Day Sheet reports for payments, negative adjustments, deposits, refunds, and unapplied amounts.

Wherever the payment provider is used, the office listed in the Payment Window will be used as well.

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