DR & Imaging - Patients with Visits - The Mount View

It may be helpful to review the CAPTURE workflow.

This will change depending on what is selected in the Layout Popup. It will display the appropriate Layout with all of the images from the visit selected in the Sidebar.

Double clicking on an image will open the Image Editing Window, this is where much of the work in the Mount View will be done.

Right Click
Right clicking on an image opens up this menu.

  • Open Image - This will open the Image Editing Window.
  • Open Images in Layout Item - Opens the image in the Image Editing Window.
  • Edit Image Details... - This opens up a popup that allows the editing of the image details.
  • Export As... - Exports the edited image.
  • Export Original As... - Exports the original edited image.
  • Delete - This will delete the selected image.
  • Delete All in Layout Item - This will delete all of the images in the Layout.
  • Edit Layout - This directs to the Layout node.
  • Browse for Image... - This allows any image to be imported into the Layout.
  • Permanent Upper - Designates the image as Permanent Upper and which teeth the image shows.
  • Permanent Lower - Designates the image as Permanent Lower and which teeth the image shows.
  • Primary Upper - Designates the image as Primary Upper and which teeth the image shows.
  • Primary Lower - Designates the image as Primary Lower and which teeth the image shows.
  • Presets - The option selected here will affect the image as designated.
  • Rotate Clockwise - Rotates the image clockwise.
  • Rotate Counterclockwise - Rotates the image counterclockwise.
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