DR & Imaging - Patients with Visits - The Sensor Popup

This Popup will activate the sensor selected to upload new images.

Clicking on the name of the device will direct to a page detailing the specific functions of each device within MacPractice.

When Suni is selected, MacPractice is ready to import images from the Suni device. Once connected, it is possible to capture an image. If the device is not connected, the Capture button will be greyed out.

When Planmeca is selected, there are three options for capturing an image: Intra, Pan, and Ceph.

Taking The Image
Once the Capture button (for Suni) or Intra, Pan or Ceph (for Planmeca) are selected. MacPractice will prepare for syncing with the sensor. Once ready, this image will appear in the Mount View.

This image means that MacPractice is ready to receive the image once the image is captured on the proper device.

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