Attachments - Associate to Order

Attachments associated to a specific patient, as well as attachments not associated to a particular patient, may be associated with an Order

Attachments can be associated to a previously created Order. To associate an attachment to a previously created Order, select the desired attachment in the Attachments/Images Ability sidebar. Once the appropriate attachment is highlighted, click on Associate to Order. In the following image, an attachment unassociated to a particular patient has been selected:

Click on Associate to Order. In the resulting window, select the Order you would like to associate the attachment to:

Once you click Select, the Order is now associated to that particular attachment:

If you click on the arrow to the left of the Order, you will be taken to Patients > Orders:

In addition, if you click on the Attachments tab (which will have an asterisk next to it, indicating there is an attachment), the associated attachment will appear under that tab:

Alternatively, you may create a new Order by clicking on Associate to Order in the Attachments Ability. Simply click on the green plus icon in the resulting window to create a new Order.

In this case, an attachment associated to a specific patient was selected, so the new Order will associate to that patient:

The new Order will be visible in Patients > Orders, along with the associated attachment.  

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