DR & Imaging - Patients with Visits - Visit Sidebar

This sidebar lists every visit in which the Patient has a DR visit. Every image associated with the visit will appear in the Thumbnail View.

New Visit
Clicking the green plus or selecting Add Visit from the right click menu will bring up the popup window to create a new Visit. (This is the same popup that appears when Edit Visit is selected from the right click menu.)

  • Visit Name - The name of the Visit.
  • Date - The date of the Visit (this will default to today).
  • Provider - The Provider who will be associated with the Visit.
  • Office - The Office that will be associated with the Visit.
  • Incident - This specifies which of the patient's Incidents the Visit will be applied to.
  • Layout - The Layout that will be designated for this Visit.
  • Notes - Any additional notes should be put in here.

Right Click
Right clicking in this field brings up this menu

  • Add Visit - This will create a new Visit.
  • Edit Visit - This will bring up the Visit details so they can be edited.
  • Delete Visit - This will delete the Visit.
  • Export All Visit Images... - This will export all of the images in the Visit to a designated place.
  • Delete All Visit Images - This will delete all of the images within the Visit.
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