eClaims - Status Panel

eClaim Status Panel

Once an eClaim has been created, every activity that occurs with that eClaim is updated in the eClaim Status Panel. This is the lower, right panel within the main eClaims window. Each status will reflect the date and time of the activity, which user performed the activity, and which activity was actually performed. In the case of automated clearinghouse response, a trace number will be provided, as well as an accepted or rejected message. Automated clearinghouse responses are only provided by MacPractice's partner clearinghouse, Change Healthcare.

A trace number is an identifier that is assigned to each, individual claim when it is processed at the clearinghouse. When a trace number is listed within the eClaim Status Panel, the user can click on the trace number to send in a trouble ticket to MacPractice. If a user has a question about a claim, once the trace number is clicked, a window will appear. A classification must be selected, to indicate whether the ticket is in regards to a question or a problem. An email address must also be provided.

Be sure to select the preferred method of contact. If a callback from a MacPractice rep is desired, but the preferred method of contact is marked as 'Email', the answer will most likely be provided by means of email, sent to the address provided in the "Report a Problem or Suggestion" window. Conversely, if the user intends to receive an email response, but the problem can only be resolved on the phone, over a shared screen, a MacPractice EDI rep will call in response to the ticket.

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