DR & Imaging - Updating macOS

If you are planning on updating your Mac Operating System, you will want to proceed carefully to ensure that any third party devices will be fully compatible with the new Operating System.

Before ever doing an OS update, always contact Planmeca to verify device compatibility.

With every OS update, Planmeca must release USB drivers that are compatible. Planmeca recommends that the firmware on their devices be updated prior to updating the operating system.
Note: Planmeca sometimes refers to firmware updates as "updating box software".

  1. Contact Planmeca for use of the new drivers.
  2. Planmeca will help update the device firmware (or "Box Software") prior to the OS update.
  3. Install the new Operating System after doing the firmware update.
  4. Install the MacPractice update.
  5. Install the new Planmeca drivers.

Please contact Planmeca at 630-529-2300 or via the web at for driver compatibility information.

If Planmeca is unable to provide a compatible driver for your device, we would recommend not updating your Mac OS until a compatible driver version is available.

If your office has Planmeca hardware that is not a sensor (For example, a pano or ceph machine), Planmeca may need to update the internal PC card prior to a firmware update. Updating this card incurs an additional cost on your office, and only Planmeca will know whether this card needs to be updated or not. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you first contact Planmeca to ensure you have the full picture of what will be required when updating.
Planmeca may also require that your pano or ceph machine is recalibrated if your card needs to be replaced. Consult with Planmeca to determine whether this is necessary.


Intra-Oral Cameras
Please be aware that updating may require a change in workflow when using intra-oral cameras. This is due to a change from 32-bit architecture to 64-bit architecture, which can affect cameras that utilize VideoGlide software.

For the affected cameras, it will no longer be possible to directly capture images with the MacPractice software. It is still possible, however, to capture images with the VideoGlide software and have those images automatically import into MacPractice. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the MacPractice support department."

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