eClaims - Paid/Closed Bin

Paid/Closed Bin

eClaims move to the Paid/Closed Bin only as a result of user action. Reports do not affect the movement of claims to this bin.

When all charges on an eClaim have had payment applied to them, including any 0.00 payments, the claim will move to the Paid/Closed Bin. If any procedures on a claim are left unpaid, the claim will not move to Paid/Closed.

Any method of registering payment in MacPractice will affect the movement of eClaims to the Paid/Closed Bin. If an ERA is posted, and it contains payment amounts (including 0.00 payment amounts) for every procedure on an eClaim, the claim will move to Paid/Closed. If all procedures on an eClaim are paid through the Bulk Insurance Payments Manager, the claim will be moved to Paid/Closed. Also, if all charges on an eClaim are paid by manually posting an insurance payment in the Ledger of a patient record, the claim will automatically be moved to Paid/Closed.

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