eClaims - Rejected Bin

Rejected Bin

When receiving reports from MacPractice's partner clearinghouse, any claims that have been rejected by the clearinghouse or by the payer will be moved to this bin automatically.

If the office does not use MacPractice's partner clearinghouse, Change Healthcare, claims will never move automatically. It is recommended that users manually move claims to the appropriate bin, based on whichever method claim statuses are communicated by the non-partner clearinghouse.

When a claim is sent through MacPractice's partner clearinghouse, and the claim has been rejected, either by the clearinghouse or the payer, the rejection message will appear in the eClaim Status Panel in red text.

Occasionally a claim may reject at the clearinghouse or payer, and then later may be reprocessed. It is possible at that time for this same claim to be accepted. A report will come back from the payer or the clearinghouse that indicates the claim has now been accepted. However, no claims will ever automatically move from Rejected to Accepted. If a claim is ever rejected, then later accepted, it will need to be manually moved by the user to the Accepted Bin.

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