eClaims - Invalid Bin

Invalid Bin

Regardless of what clearinghouse an office uses, MacPractice will validate all eClaims that are created within the software. All electronic claims are expected to have certain information, regardless of what the claim's intended destination or clearinghouse. If expected information is missing from an eClaim, MacPractice will move the claim to the Invalid Bin. Any claims that are moved to this bin automatically by MacPractice will be displayed in red text.

The item that is causing the claim to be invalid will be indicated in red text within the eClaim Status Panel. The missing item will also be indicated in red text within the Claim Details Panel.

Whenever an eClaim is rebuilt from within any other bin, and if the claim is missing required information, it will move to the Invalid Bin. If missing information is causing a claim to move to Invalid, and the user adds that information to where it is missing within MacPractice, the claim will move from Invalid to Ready when the claim is rebuilt.

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