Dental - Incident Menu

Incidents are used in MacPractice to organize the patient's visits. It is best to think of the incident window as a timeline for the patient. The Patients Chart node will contain things that happened in the past, work that was completed outside of the office. The Completed Procedures will contain the present items that were completed per incident. The Treatment Plans would be the items for the future, the items that should happen for the patient during another visit.

The incident menu will control the line items that appear in the incident window of the dental tab. The incident menu will mainly be used to create a new incident or a new treatment plan in the patient's chart. All other items are documented in the Incident Menu of the Ledger as they will be used by the billing staff.

The New Incident option should be used to create a new incident folder within the dental tab for the patient. Incidents are used to organize the material within the patients chart. This is helpful when billing as specific line items are grouped together.

This menu is also used for treatment plans. A user can create a new treatment plan for the patient from this menu. If there are multiple versions of a treatment plan, the Duplicate Treatment Plan should be used to help pull information forward into a new plan. Plans can also be hidden when they are marked as rejected, this can be helpful when a patient has many plans on their account.

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