eClaims - Archived Bin

If a claim has been completely resolved, it should be moved to the Archived Bin. Once claims have been moved to the Paid/Closed Bin, they begin to pile up. It is recommended that claims not be left to sit in this bin for too long. It is a good idea to move claims that are over a few months old to Archived.

Claims that are in the Archived Bin will not be parsed when entering the eClaims Ability. They will only be parsed when the Archived Tab is selected within the eClaims Ability. Claims in all other bins will be parsed upon entering the eClaims Ability.

The parsing of claims doesn't take much time when there are only a few unarchived eClaims. However, the claims can gather quickly in other bins. The more claims that are parsed when entering the eClaims Ability, the longer it will take for the ability to load.

The only way that eClaims can be moved to the Archived Bin is by user interaction. The claims can be moved, either by using the "Move To" pop-up at the top of the eClaims Window, or by selecting the claim in the patient's ledger and using the "Other" pop-up menu.

In order to unarchive an eClaim, the user simply needs to either manually move the claim from the Archived bin or rebuild the eClaim. The former method will move the claim to whatever bin the user wishes. The latter method will either move the claim to Ready or Invalid, depending on whether the eClaim passes MacPractice validations or not.

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