eClaims - Sent Bin

Sent Bin

Once claims have been successfully transmitted to a partner clearinghouse, or the .CLM file has been generated, in the case of a non-partner clearinghouse, all claims that were selected to be sent will move to the Sent Bin.

For claims sent through MacPractice's partner clearinghouse Change Healthcare, claims will automatically move from the Sent Bin to either the Accepted or Rejected Bin, once reports have come back from the clearinghouse indicating the clearinghouse status of each claim.

If claims remain in the Sent Bin for more than 24 hours, try to manually receive reports. If new reports do not move claims from the Sent Bin, try receiving reports the next day. The claims are likely still new, and they haven't fully processed yet at the clearinghouse. If 48 hours have passed without your claim status updating after you receive reports, please contact our EDI support team. 

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