Dental - Ledger View

The dental tab come equipped with the option to switch to a ledger view this option will mainly be used to adjust treatment plans and move line items into completed procedures

Charges can also be entered through this view. This option is useful when entering work completed in the office before MacPractice was implemented. This view allows the user to backdate procedures when being entered into MacPractice. 

Select the ledger icon to switch to the ledger view. Select the charting icon to switch to the charting view. 

Be sure to select the correct incident node. The ledger view works the same as the charting view. Record work within completed procedures to have MacPractice outline the procedures in green. Record procedures in the treatment plan to have an item marked as a treatment plan on the charting view. 

Use the charges or treatments menu to add line items into the ledger view. The charges and treatment window will mirror the charge window within the patient's ledger

The treatments menu will most often be used to add a new phase into the treatment plan for organization. 



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