Dental - Print Menu

The print menu is the dental tab is very similar to the print menu within the ledger tab. The dental print menu has two additional options that will be used, Print Chart and Print Clinical Notes.

Print Chart

Selecting Print Chart will open up the print settings within MacPractice. Once the print menu is open, change the Health Record Disclosure Reason to MacPractice. The MacPractice menu will show the printing options for the dental chart. 

The first portion of these options will allow the user to add completed work to the printout. Notice that the work can include work that was completed outside of the office, work that was completed in the office or both. If needed, a start and end date can be entered to show the patient the work that was completed during a specified time period. 

The second portion of this menu will allow treatment plan to be included on the printout. The user has the option to include all treatment plans or just the treatment pan that is associated to the selected incident

The final portion of this screen is simply the option to print in landscape or portrait mode. The user can also select to print on a single page or on two separate pages. 


Print Clinical Notes

 The print clinical notes will simply print the notes that are showing in the clinical note table. Deselect a note header to hide the notes in the table and from the printout. 


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