EHR Preconfigured Section - Immunizations

In December 2016, MacPractice made some changes to the way Immunizations are entered to comply with new government standards. Please check with State Registries to ensure that all local requirements are met.

The Immunizations section is used to display and add new patient immunization records.

Click Immunizations to add a new immunization record. Click Pull from Chart to access existing Immunizations from the Clinical tab.

Creating a new Immunization brings up this popover. Search for the immunization using at least three characters. Select the immunization from the list, then click the Select button.

Pull From Chart brings up this popover. Any existing Immunizations in the patient's Clinical Tab will appear here. If the checkbox is selected, that Immunization will pull into the section.

Click the Immunization link within the Immunization section to edit the attributes such as Administered Date, Time, Reaction, Ordered By, Administered By, Status, Manufacturer, Dose, Unit, Lot Number, Expiration Date, Number in Series, Route, Site, Reaction, Refusal Reason, Other Refusal Description and Notes. Next, click the Done button.

An Immunization may be deleted from EHR by clicking the Delete button.

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