EHR Preconfigured Section - Problem List

The Problem List section lists and records problems from the Diagnosis Codes listed in the database.
Within the section header, select the Problems Verified checkbox if the problems have been verified and select the No Problems checkbox if the patient has no problems.

To add a new problem, click Problems. In the resulting popover, search for and select the problem from the results, then click the Select button to add the problem.

To add a problem list for reconciliation, click the Add Problem List for Reconciliation button. In the resulting popover, select the source of the new problem list.

  • Existing referral for this patient: Click the radio button, then select the existing referral from the menu if the patient's referral has already been added to the Patient > Referrals tab.
  • Create a new referral for this patient with an existing referrer: Click the radio button, then search existing referrers as added to References > Referrals.
  • Create a new referrer and a new referral for this patient: Click the radio button and add the Referrer First and Last name to the fields to create a new Referral reference and add the referral to this patient.
Click the Next button to continue adding a Problem List for reconciliation.
Within the resulting Problems sheet, click Problems to add a new problem from the referral. In the resulting popover, search for the problem or click the Show All button to select from all allergies within the MacPractice database. Repeat this process for each allergy to add to the list. Once finished, click the Next button.
Within the resulting sheet, select any problems to retain on the patient record, then click the Next button. Problems which are not selected will be removed for the patient Problem list. Confirm the displayed problems should be kept on the patient record with the Next button, or click the Previous button to return to list of all possible problems to retain.
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