EHR Preconfigured Section - Medications

The Medication Reconciliation section is used to display and reconcile the patient's medications.
Section Header:

  • Active/All: Set the toggle to display only active or all medications.
  • No Medications: Select the No Medications checkbox where the patient is currently not taking any medications.
Medication Reconciliation Section:
  • Medications: To add a new medication, click Medications. Search for and select the medication from the list, then click the Select button.
  • Add Medication List for Reconciliation: To add a medication list for reconciliation, click the Add Medication List for Reconciliation button. In the resulting popover, the Currently Taking checkbox is selected by default and adds a current medication. Select the Dosage Is Known checkbox to add the Take, Form, Route, Frequency, Duration, Dispense, and Refills to the medication. Within the Notes box, add any notes about the medication. Click the Done button to add the Medication for reconciliation.
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