EHR Section - Text View

This element works like a mini word processor and has a very high character limit. It is often reserved for information that would exceed the 255 character limit of a Text Field.

The viewable area on the form-side of the text view is set and cannot be changed; so If the information typed here exceeds the visible Text View area, a scroll bar will be inserted to allow the user the ability to scroll through the info.

The narrative will show the information entered in its entirety.

Progress Note:
The Text View element can also be set to behave as a Progress Note (like in EMR).

You can allow users to generate preset information from a single click by taking advantage of user created presets. So clicking the plus in the option box will fill in the Progress note with these presets

We recommend using the Interactive Form so you can become more familiar with this and other fields within EHR.
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