EHR Section - Text Field

Text Field Elements are one of the most commonly used elements and can be formatted to type in many different ways.

  • Freeform: You can write anything you'd like with any character in this type.
  • Phone Number: Here, you can only type in ten numbers (no letters at all) and it will auto format to look like a phone number.
  • Social Security Number: Another numerical only field. You can place in nine digits and they will auto format to look like an SSN.
  • Zip Code: This numerical only field takes up to 9 digits and will format for a full zip code.
  • Date: This numerical only field will format your numbers into a date.
It should be noted that certain shortcuts used elsewhere in MacPractice, like using the shortcut 'T' to bring up today's date, cannot be used in these fields.
Text Fields can be set to Hide From Clipboard, they can also be set to Required.

We recommend using the Interactive Form so you can become more familiar with this and other fields within EHR.
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