EHR Field - List Element

The main purpose of the List Element is to create a way to keep the most pertinent information in the smallest amount of space.

The element is similar to the Popup Element except it will allow for multiple selections of listed items, as well as allow the user to indicate details for the items they have checked.

The two types of Lists are Static and Dynamic:

Static: Static will never change once it's set. It can't be edited on the fly.

Dynamic: Dynamic fields make it so that items in the list can be added, removed, or rearranged.

The following tables can be added to either a Static or Dynamic element:

Text Sub View: This is a text window that pops up that allows the patient to write anything they want. There is no character limit, and it allows for special characters.

Table Sub View, Single Selection: This will open another list of check boxes, only one of which may be clicked

Table Sub View, Multiple Selection: This will open another list of check boxes, any number of which may be clicked.

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