DR & Imaging - Layouts

This node is where an Office’s mounts to store images are stored. Layouts are broken up by area of the mouth. Layouts are set up in a way that that is reverse of the person looking at the Layout.

New Layout
Clicking the green plus, or right clicking an existing Layout and selecting Duplicate, will create a new Layout.

The Name is a required field. Description will show up in the sidebar. Sensor will designate if a default Sensor will be used with the Layout.

Clicking the green plus over the layout or dragging the cursor in the Layout Detail Window will create a Layout Box.

Layout Box
Double clicking on the Layout Box will open the Layout Box editor window.

After the layout blocks are added to the layout window these blocks can be resized, moved and/or edited. To resize the block select one of the red dots on the border of the layout block and drag the block. When the block has been resized, release the red dot, as illustrated below:

To move the block select anywhere in the block and drag it while holding down the mouse button. When the block is in the desired location, let go of the mouse button to drop the block into position, as illustrated:

With the block resized and/or moved, right click the block to access the Option Menu. Select Edit to define how images are imported into the selected block.

Inside the Layout Box are the following fields
  • Name: The name of the Layout Box
  • Image Number: The order in which multiple items are set (Examples: 1 or 4-5)
  • Preset: If a specific Preset ought to be used, it can be selected here. Presets are set in the Image Editing Window.
  • Stamp: Selecting either Left or Right will add an annotation denoting if the Layout is for the left side or the right side.
  • Tooth Numbers: The number designated here dictates which teeth will be associated with the Layout every time the Layout is selected.
  • Image Type: This will select the type from a list in the Images by Type within the sidebar.

Note: It is not possible to delete a layout if it’s tied to a patient.

Right Click
Right clicking brings up this menu:

  • Add - Adds a new box.
  • Delete - This will delete a selected box.
  • Delete All - This will delete every box in the Layout.
  • Edit - This opens the edit popup window.
  • Duplicate - Duplicates the box.
  • Rotate - Rotates the box.
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