EHR - Assign Registration Forms

Online Registration and EHR Forms is a purchased ability that can be added to the patient portal and the EHR ability. Visit this website to see if the abilities are active on the office serial number

The registration forms are very easy to use. Simply select the Registration Forms node in the sidebar and click the green plus at the top of the sidebar. MacPractice will immediately prompt with a window asking the user to select the form and portal user. The staff member can also add any special instructions for the intake form. These instructions will show as a message on the portal users account. 

The patient will receive a notification email if the portal user was set up with an email address. They will also receive a notification on the register tab of the patient portal. Once the patient is complete, the form will need to be filed in the correct incident. Moving this form will remove the patient access to the file so it can remain a clinical document. Simply select the form from the registration node and drag it into the correct incident. 

Once the form has been moved, it will be a locked record that is visible in the clinical summary. 

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