Downloading & Installing MacPractice QuickSupport

Splashtop is our desktop-sharing solution that allows MacPractice Support representatives to remotely connect to your Mac and assist you with any issue you may be experiencing with MacPractice!

When you contact MacPractice Support via our contact number at (877) 220-8418 or by submitting a ticket, you will then be contacted when a Support Representative is available. At this time the Support Representative may instruct you to download or launch Splashtop and provide them with a number.

This article covers how to download and use Splashtop so that our Support Representatives may assist you directly. This article will assume that you are using Safari as your web browser.

Downloading Splashtop
You can download the Splashtop SOS application by navigating to in Safari or your chosen web browser. This will take you to a page where you can download Splashtop SOS.

In builds 12.21 and after, you can access this page by selecting "Download Share Screen App" from the Help Menu. This will take you to the same page as indicated above.Screen_Shot_2022-04-21_at_8.19.07_AM.png


In builds prior to 12.21, you can also access this page by navigating to the MacPractice Help menu and selecting "Download TeamViewer". TeamViewer used to be our Remote Desktop solution, but we have transitioned to Splashtop. This has been updated in later builds.



Unless you are not using a Mac, you'll want to click the "Download for MacOS" button.


When you click the Download button, the Splashtop app will begin downloading. You can access this download by clicking the Downloads button on the Safari toolbar, as shown below:



When any progress bars are clear and you see the "MacPracticeSOS.dmg" file in your downloads list, you can double click the file to open it.


This will open the file's "container" into your Finder, which will look like this:


Adding Splashtop to your Applications folder
To save you time during future Support interactions, we advise that you add the Splashtop SOS app to your Applications folder so you can simply access the app from there in the future.

To do this, open up a new Finder window by right clicking or option-clicking on the Finder icon in your dock:


Then, with both the Splashtop SOS window open from the prior step, and the Finder's Applications window open, left click and drag the Splashtop SOS app into your Applications folder, as shown in the image below:


From here, you can also drag the application to your dock for easy access.


Now, whenever you need, you can simply click the Splashtop SOS app on your dock! You can also launch it by using the Magnifying Glass in the upper right hand corner of your Mac desktop to search for it.

Using Splashtop for the First Time
The first time you launch Splashtop, you'll probably see a Security and Privacy Prompt:


This prompt is asking you to enable the Splashtop SOS checkbox in the Accessibility tab of your Security and Privacy System Preferences. You can access these Preferences by clicking the blue "Allow" button in this window, shown above.

When in the Security and Privacy window, you'll first need to click the lock icon in the lower left corner to make changes. This will prompt you for your macOS password, which we at MacPractice don't have access to:


Once you've entered the password, you can check the Splashtop SOS checkbox in your Security and Privacy Accessibility preferences.

When you have completed this step, your Splashtop SOS app window should display a green "Ready for connection" message towards the bottom of the window.


Your MacPractice Support Representative will ask you for the 9-digit code displayed in this window. Relay the code to them, and they can then remotely connect to your desktop. 

The password will change every time the application is launched. MacPractice Support cannot access your computers without someone in the office giving these credentials. 

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