Labs 1 - Setup


Labs within MacPractice will allow you to create Labs Orders and assign users to track the order. There are three different types of lab options within MacPractice: Laboratory Integrations, Laboratories with manual Structured Data, and Generic Labs.

Laboratory Integrations will be set up through MacPractice Corporate. A Laboratory Integration is a one way communication. This means the Lab information will be automatically imported into the patient's chart within MacPractice. This integration will not allow you to order from the MacPractice interface. To have an interface set up for your office you can contact MacPractice Support at 877.220.8418. Please be ready to provide a lab contact phone number and email.

Laboratories with Manual Structured Data can also be purchased through MacPractice. This is a good option if your office does not often order labs. Laboratory Orders can be created within the patient chart to keep track of the Order for the patient. Once the lab results are made available to the office, a user can manually attach the result and enter in the structured data to be used in Clinical Reports for the patient.

The final option is creating a Labs Order type within MacPractice. This will allow the office to manually keep track of labs without the use of clinical reports. Note, this option is not available for any office that is participating with the CMS incentive programs.

You will need to fetch your license if your office has purchased a Laboratory Integration or Laboratories with Manual Structured Data. To fetch your license, navigate to MacPractice Preference on the server computer. Select Abilities from the sidebar and click Fetch License. You will need to log out of MacPractice and back in to activate the new features. Right click on the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar. Find Labs and drag this into the desired position on the toolbar.
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