DR - Can I get a deleted image back? (Prior to Gen 11)

Note: The information in this article applies to builds of MacPractice prior to Gen 11. For more up to date information on retrieving deleted Digital Radiography images, please click this link for a more recent article.

When a user deletes a DR image, there is a warning that pops up notifying them that this action is permanent and asking if they wish to fully delete the image. Once the image is deleted, it may not be retrieved easily.

If the image is necessary and was not supposed to be deleted, we can retrieve it via the process of setting up a temporary server on another computer in your office and saving the image from that backup to the computer, then transferring it back to your current server.

If the image was actually stored in the cache of the computer that took it then you could obtain the image. Check the following directory: ~/Library/Application Support/MacPracticeClient/Databases/macpractice/Cache/AttachedFiles/. You can organize the view options to "As List" within Finder and then sort the Date Modified column, or click the heading to re-order the column in an order that makes more sense showing you.

If you know the time of the suspected patient and image were deleted, you can go to that time then double click on the hash to open it. Preview the image and if you find it inside the cache then go to File > Export and export that out to the desktop. Once there, manually add it in to the DR visit that it was deleted from.

If the image is not in the cache then you will need to retake it or use a backup.

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