EHR Preconfigured Section 13 - Referrals and PCP


The Referrals and PCP section is a preconfigured section within MacPractice. As a preconfigured section, the Referrals and PCP section cannot be changed.

The Referrals and PCP section will write back into the database. This will place Referrals and Primary Care Physicians in the Referral sub-tab in the patient's chart. Referral reports can be used since this information is being saved into the database.

Click the Referrals link to add a new referring physician to the patient's chart. This link will display all of the Referrals in the References ability. Click the name of the Referral once an entry has been added to the form. The resulting window will allow you to enter in details regarding the Referral.

Click the Pull From Chart bubble if the Referral information has been added to the patient's chart prior to the form. This window will show you the Referrals that are assigned to this patient.

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