EHR Preconfigured Section 3 - Attachments



The Attachments section is a Preconfigured section within MacPractice. As a Preconfigured section, the Attachments section cannot be changed.

The Attachments section will write back into the database. This will allow Attachments to be organized and tied to Orders within the Attachments ability.

Click the Attachments link to create a new Attachments for the patient's chart. Click Browse For File if the documents is saved on the computer. You can also click to take a picture from the camera. This works best on iPad applications.

A thumbnail will display once the Attachment has been added to the EHR form. Click the name of the Attachment to enter in the details. Be sure to update the Description and the Type to stay organized in the Attachments ability.

An Attachment can be pulled from the chart if it was make prior to the current form. Click the Bubble to search for the existing Attachment in the patient's chart.

Visit the HelpDesk to learn more about the use of Attachments in MacPractice.

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