EHR Preconfigured Section 1 - Allergies


The Allergies Section is a Preconfigured section within MacPractice. As a Preconfigured section, the Allergies Section cannot be changed.

The Allergies Section will write back into the database. This means the patients can be found by running reports within MacPractice. The allergy information will be visible by date in the Clinical Summary for the patient. Allergies will also create a Patient Alert to warn you when pulling up their account in the future.

The allergies section can be setup to show just the active allergies or the entire history of allergies for the patient.

Check the Allergies Verified every time the allergies are confirmed to be correct on the patient's chart. 

If the patient does not have any active allergies, check the box to notate this on the patient's chart.

If a new allergy is identified in your office, click the allergies link and search the database for the substance. If the allergy was identified by another office, click the reconcile button and select Add New List for Reconciliation. Identify the origin of the allergy list. If the list was sent from a referral, use the popup box to select an existing referral or select a referral from the database.

Click the Allergies link to add the known allergies into the patient's chart. Type in the name of the substance and press the return key on your keyboard to search your database. Once you have selected the substance, click the name of the allergy and enter in the details of the allergy.

Continue to add allergies in this window until all known allergies have been added.

Click the next button once all the allergies have been added. MacPractice will display which allergies are already on file and which allergies have been added during this transition of care. Uncheck an allergy box if there are duplicate allergy records.

Click the next button to see a final preview of the allergies on the patient's record. Click next to finalize the allergy reconciliation.

If a patient's allergy is no longer active, click the name of the allergy and uncheck the Active box. This will remove the allergy from the active list but keep the record on the patient's account.

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