EHR Preconfigured Section 9 - Immunizations


The Immunizations section is a preconfigured section within MacPractice. As a preconfigured section, the Immunizations section cannot be changed.

The immunizations section will write back into the database. This will allow Immunizations to be viewed within the Clinical Summary of the patient's chart. Immunization reports can be ran to view specific patients in the office. The Immunizations will also report to a registry if your office has set this up with MacPractice.

Click the immunizations link to enter in a new record on the patient's account. Type in the name of the Immunization and hit the return key to search, select the correct substance to place into the patient form. Enter the details for the immunization by clicking on the immunization name in the form. You will notice that the status is set to Not Administered by default. Change the status and enter in the remaining information. Be sure that all required fields are filled to save the record. 

An Immunization can be pulled from the chart if it was make prior to the current form. Click the Bubble to search for the existing Immunization in the patient's chart.

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