EHR Template Editor 5 - Text View


The Text View field allows the user to place a large amount of text into the patient's form. This field has a very high character limit and is usually reserved for any information that would exceed 255 characters. The viewable area on this field cannot be changed. However, a scrollbar will be visible to read through the patient information.

Click the Add Field button in the section editor and select Text View. You will be prompted to rename the field in section details. This will also rename the Text View in the field editor. 

You can mark this field as required if the clinician or patient must enter an answer to a question. The box will be labeled in red when it is required.

If the field is for providers only, check the box to Hide from Clipboard. This field will not be displayed when the patient is filling out the form on the iPad application.

MacPractice will also allow you to add a Popover Title to the field. This title will be displayed in the field in light gray to help instruct the user.

The Text View can include the user of macros within the EHR ability. Click the green plus to add a new selection from the popup list. Once the new popup has been given a name, navigate to the narrative box to enter in the text that will be placed in the Text View.

If you would like to add more macros on the fly, change the list edit-ability to Dynamic. A static list will only allow you to use the list that is entered in the section editor.

Once all the settings have been made, click the Preview tab to see the section after making changes. Click the Text View name to view all the macros in this field. Click the plus to add this macro onto your form.

Continue adding fields to this section until complete.

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