EHR Template Editor 9 - Draw View


The Draw View field is used to make a visual representation of conditions. The Draw View will allow the user to change color options as well as drawing tolls while annotating the image.

Click the Add Field button in the section editor and select Draw View. You will be prompted to rename the field in section details. This will also rename the Drew View in the field editor.

If the field is for providers only, check the box to Hide from Clipboard. This field will not be displayed when the patient is filling out the form on Clipboard, but will still be visible for staff in iEHR/EHR.

Click the Browse button to add a generic image into this field. A preview will be shown of the image in the field editor. The clear button will reset the field allowing you to select a new image for the template.

The size of the Draw View cannot be changed as it will automatically adjust to the size of the image.

Once all the settings have been made, click the Preview tab to see the section after making changes. Select a color and a tool within the table below the image. Click and drag on the image to draw the visual representations. The Clear button will reset the image allowing the user to restart with the diagram.

Continue adding fields to this sections until complete.

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