EHR Template Editor 10 - List Element


The List Element field is used to make multiple selections in a form while conserving space. The List Element is an enhanced Popup field as it will allow the user to select multiple answers while making use of an optional sub-tab.

Click the Add Field button in the section editor and select List Element. You will be prompted to rename the field in section details. This will also rename the List Element in the field editor.

You can mark this field as required if the clinician or patient must answer a question. The box will be labeled in red when it is required.

If the field is for providers only, check the box to Hide from Clipboard. This field will not be displayed when the patient is filling out the form on Clipboard, but will still be visible to staff in iEHR/EHR.

The Popover Title will show as directions within the List Element.

Click the green plus to add selections to the List. List Elements can be set as Static or Dynamic. Static means that the list of options can only be adjusted within the section editor. A Dynamic popup will allows the user to add more options to the popup during the patient visit.

The List Element can make use of an additional column in EHR. Select the right column tab and select how you would like to record your information in this tab. If you set the view to text, a text box will be placed into the right column allowing the user to record any information. The right column can also be displayed as a table of checkboxes. Set the preference to allow a single selection or multiple selections within the right column. Once you have set the preferences, click the green plus to enter in all the options that should be available in the right menu.

Once all the settings have been made, click the preview tab to see the section after making changes. Click the List Element link to see the list in action. Type in the search box to filter your selections. If you list is dynamic, use the search box to add in additional options. Once you have made a selection, the right column will activate allowing the user to enter in free text or use the table selection.

Continue adding fields to this section until complete.

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