EHR 3 - Creating a New Patient Form


You will need to select the correct incident in the EHR sidebar before creating a new patient form. If a new incident is needed for the patient's account, click the Add New Incident button at the bottom of the incidents. This will allow you to name the new incident and enter in the correct date. (Note that there are many ways to use incidents within MacPractice. Please take time to speak with your manager about using incidents in your office.)

Once you have the correct incident selected, click the green plus in the sidebar to make a new patient form. MacPractice will open a new window allowing the user to select the correct template. Select the template and then click create.

If no templates are installed, you will need to visit the Shared Templates node to download a template. This video will make use of the V5 General H&P template. Once you have downloaded a template, select the correct incident in the menu and select the green plus. Select General H&P from the list and click the create button.

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