Why am I restricted from performing this action in MacPractice?

If your user is not set up with the necessary privileges to perform certain tasks within MacPractice, you will be alerted to this via a window which states that the action you’re trying to perform is “Restricted due to user privilege settings”. 

If you need to add the privilege for your user, this must be done in References> User Group Privileges. First, navigate to your User reference and check the Privileges tab to see what User Group you are a part of. 

Once this is noted, navigate to that group in the User Group Privileges reference folder and check the box next to the privilege you’d like to add. Please note that you might not have the privilege to edit your own privileges. If this is the case, you will need to find another staff member, such as the office administrator, to edit privileges for you. Any changes to privileges will require you to log out and back in to MacPractice before they take affect.



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