EHR Template Editor 1 - Sections


The Template Editor can be added to your account to allow the office staff to create Templates to be used on patient accounts. Please contact support if you need to have the Template Editor added to the bottom of your sidebar.

MacPractice Support 877.220.8418

Start by selecting the Sections node in the sidebar and click the green plus to make a new section. You will notice that the detail screen is now composed of two columns. One with the section details and another column showing the field details and a preview of the section.

Give the section a name and a description. You will also need to select a Pull Preference for the section. It is recommended to set the section to pull the Most Recent Data. If the form is an agreement or a consent form, you will want this preference set to Never Pull.

Fields are the building blocks of the EHR section. Click the Add Field button to add a new field to the section. Notice as you add a field into the section, the Section Details tab activates to show you all the options for the field.

Add all the desired fields into the section. Notice there is a column that will let you know if the field is compatible for the Patient Portal. Watch the separate videos on each field to learn about the options of setting up the unique fields.

Once you have completed adding fields into your section, save the changes with the Edit menu or the keyboard shortcut, Command S.
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