EHR Template Editor 8 - Slider


The Slider field is used to indicate a sliding scale point system. For example, a slider field could be used if a patient is requested to rate their pain on a scale of one to ten.

Click the Add Field button in the section editor and select Slider. You will be prompted to rename the field in section details. This will also rename the Slider in the field editor.

If the field is for providers only, check the box to Hide from Clipboard. This field will not be displayed when the patient is filling out the form on the iPad application.

Set the Minimum Value and the Maximum Value for the Slider. A default value can be set up for the Slider to reduce clicks in the form. The Precision of the Slider can be set to show integers or even get as detailed as the thousandths.

Once all the settings have been made, click the Preview tab to see the section after making changes. Slide the dot across the Slider to see the number selection.

Continue adding fields to this section until complete.

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