FAQ: How do I rearrange scheduling resources in versions 5.0 and below?

This article is specific for rearranging resources in builds of MacPractice prior to 7.0

The MacPractice schedule uses Resources to denote and organize the columns in your schedule. The order in which they appear in your schedule, left to right, is organized based on the folder in your sidebar - sorted from top to bottom.

To rearrange the resource order, it simply needs to be clicked and dragged in the order you desire. The caveat is if you click on the resource name itself, the action is for the checkbox to display, or not display, the resource in your calendar. In order to rearrange the resources, you must click and drag in the empty space to the left of the resource name to grab the title itself, rather than checking or unchecking the name. The image below displays the area in which you can select and then drag your resource to reorder.

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