EHR 2 - Navigation


The EHR ability is composed of two separate sections, the sidebar and the detail window.

In the sidebar you will notice a Clinical Summary node. This displays the entire patient's history in the detail screen of MacPractice. You will notice the Clinical Summary is composed of links that take you to the corresponding information within MacPractice. Use the filter menu at the top of the screen or enter in a custom date to see the relevant information.

The sidebar is also composed of Patient Incidents. Selecting an incident in the sidebar will show patient history specifically tied to that incident. You will also notice the ability to create a new incident from the sidebar.

The Notes Templates node can be used to quickly create a note out of an EHR narrative. To use this node, simply drag the EHR form onto a Note Template.

The Template Library will display basic EHR templates to give offices a starting point when creating new templates. We will use V5 General H&P for this video.

The template editor can be added to your account. This will give you the option to edit the templates that have been imported into MacPractice. You will also be able to create templates from scratch.

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