EHR 4 - Basics of a Patient Form


You will notice that a patient's form is composed of three sections, the Navigation Menu, the Form, and the Form Header.

The Form will be displayed in the main portion of the MacPractice window. The form is composed of white boxes known as sections. Each section will have an option to pull data forward as well as a setting option to add annotations or clear the section.

The Navigation Menu is on the left of the detail screen and can be shown or hidden by clicking the button in the top left portion of the screen. The Navigation Menu will show you all of the sections that are in the current form. Clicking the Selection Name in the sidebar will hide all other sections in the form. By clicking the Go To button, you will add additional sections to the current view. You can always return to viewing the entire form by clicking Show All at the top of the screen.

The last portion of the patient form is the Header. The Form Header allows the user to view the current narrative of the form. A snapshot of the form will be made every time that there is a change to the form. Once the form is completed, click the padlock to lock the form from any additional changes.

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