EHR 5 - Pulling Data Forward


The EHR ability allows forms to pull sections forward from previously completed forms. The option to pull information forward will be available in a few different places within the EHR ability.

When creating a new form, MacPractice will give you two options. Allow Sections to Pull Data Forward and Auto Commit Pulled Data. By allowing sections to pull data forward, MacPractice will place blue bars into your form with a preview of the pulled information. After verifying the information, you can select Pull Data to commit the information to the form.

You will notice the blue bars will show on all sections that allow information to be pulled forward. If you select AutoCommit Pulled Data when creating a form, MacPractice will not display the blue bars. Instead, the information will automatically be displayed in the patient's form.

You can also choose to pull information forward per section. Click the Download button in the right corner of the section to see a history of that section. Clicking on a past form will display a preview of the information for your form. Click pull data to add this information to your form.

This window is also a great way to see how the patient has been progressing from previous visits to your office.

If you accidentally pull data forward into a section, you can clear the sections by clicking the gear icon in the right corner. This gear will allow you to annotate the section, the clear the section, and very rarely to hide the section from the narrative.

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