Attachments - Changing default outside program opening when viewing Attachments

Changing the default outside program opening when viewing MacPractice Attachments
When a file of a specific type opens from MacPractice Attachments, it will open in Acrobat, Preview or another default option. If you would like to change what program the MacPractice attachments open up to, you can do so by saving the file and changing the default outside of MacPractice. Once you change the file type opening to a specific program, the next time you open the file from MacPractice, it will pull that default Program, you just set.
  • Control+Click (Right-Click) on an attachment you want to open in a new program, then select Save As.
    • The file will open in the undesired program, but please save the file from this program, to your desktop
  • You will want to save the file somewhere easy to locate. For example, your Desktop. 
  • Find the file you just saved and Control-Click (Right-Click)> Scroll down and select ‘Get Info’. 
  • There will now be a heading that states ‘Open With’
  • Choose from the available programs, to open this type of file.
  • It will then ask you to Change All, select this option to finish changing the default. 
  • You should now be able to close out of the 'Get info' Box and go back to MacPractice.
  • Again, double click to open your attachment.
    • It should now open in the default program you set this to. 


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