Inventory 1 - Setup


The Inventory ability is a purchased ability that can be added to MacPractice. To activate this ability, you will need to fetch your license on the server computer. To fetch your license, click on Preferences in the MacPractice menu and navigate to Abilities in the sidebar. Click Fetch License to update MacPractice. You will be prompted to log out of MacPractice and back in to see the changes.

After you have activated the Inventory ability, right click in the Toolbar of MacPractice and click Customize Toolbar. Find the Inventory icon and drag it into the desired position of your Toolbar.

Select the Items node within the Inventory ability. If you have a barcode scanner, place your mouse in the UPC/EAN box and scan the barcode of the item. MacPractice will automatically search the Amazon database and pull related information into MacPractice.

If you do not have a barcode scanner, or your item does not match anything from Amazon, you can manually add your items into the Inventory ability.

You will notice that each item must have a Name, Category, and a Brand. The Category and Brand will be used as filters in your Inventory. Some offices like to use Categories to separate items that are sold in the office from items that are consumed in the office. Both Category and Brand can be pre-entered into the corresponding node, or they can be added on the fly.

As you are entering the item you can set a reorder level. When your stock reaches this level, MacPractice will alert the user to order more. If you do not wish to reorder this item, check the box labeled Do Not Reorder.

The Notes field is an area reserved for notes about the item such as use and instructions.

Add a Vendor to the item by clicking the green plus. Vendor names can be added on the fly in the resulting box. All additional information on the Vendor will need to be added in the Vendors node in the sidebar. Enter the cost of the item and the date of this cost. Be sure to enter in all Vendors that are used at the office.

Save your new record by using the Edit menu or keyboard shortcut, Command S. Once the record has been saved, select Adjust Qty to enter in the current stock in your office. Use the drop down box to set the adjustment to the Initial Quantity.

Save the new changes by using the Edit menu or keyboard shortcut, Command S.

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