Inventory 2 - Adding New Retail Items


Retail Items will need to be linked to the fee schedule to be added to a patient's ledger. Click the Retail Items node in the sidebar. You can easily filter by category to hide items that might not be sold to patient's. Use the Command button on your keyboard to select all the items that should be added into your fee schedule. After the items have been selected, choose the correct fee schedule and then click the button on the bottom of MacPractice to Add Selected Items to Fee Schedule.

Once you have completed this process for all Retail Items, navigate to the fee schedule in the References ability. Locate the Fee Schedule in which the items were added. You can quickly locate the Retail Items by searching for INV in the code search field.

Select the first Retail Items in the list, then enter in the unit price for the item. You will also want to mark if the item is Patient Responsible if it isn't eligible for an insurance claim. You may also want to add a default provider and office if needed.

You can adjust the Long Description to better suit the flow in your office.

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