Inventory 6 - Using the Inventory Manager


The Inventory node will show the current inventory within MacPractice. Items that need to be reordered will show in red. You can set a low order level to display items in yellow.

Purchase Orders can be tracked at the bottom of the Inventory ability. Select all the items that you need to purchase and click Create PO's from Selection/ MacPractice will display all the items as well as all of the vendors for each item. The favorite vendor for each item will be displayed with a green star. Select the vendors that you would like to use for each item and click Create Purchase Orders.

The Reference Number is set up for tracking and should match the Order Number that was put into each vendor. Each item will have the customizability to change the Ordered Number, the Expected Date, and the Cost Per Unit. Be sure to update the status once the order has been made.

Place the Item Received Count into the corresponding box within MacPractice followed by the Received Date. You will also want to select the Close button once all of that specific item has been delivered. This will update the stock of the item and prevent you from further editing the line item.

Once all of the items have been received, mark the Purchase Order as Fulfilled.

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