DR - Tips to find missing X-rays

When looking for missing x-rays on a specific patient, some things you should consider:

1. Who the patient is and if there is a duplicate patient account for them

  • Are they deleted or archived perhaps and images maybe are there not in the current patient account in question. View Reports > Marketing > Patients by Status, to view patients in all status levels of MacPractice; active, archived, or deleted. 

2. Use the History report to see what the user did in the account in question for the specific tables —> digirad and digirad_image. View this report by going to Reports > Management > History. 

  • Make sure all other filters are unchecked, when running for this History table. 

3. The table digirad table is the actual visit for the patient.

  • If the digirad table is showing to have an action such as deleted, then any images in that DR visit are also deleted out.
  • If there is a single image that is deleted out then the digirad_image table will show a deleted from action and for each individual image that is deleted.
  • The inserted into action for digirad is that a new DR visit has been made. If we see this same action under digrad_image then a new image was added in to the specific account.


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