Clinical Tab - Clinical History, Filters & Export

The Clinical Tab has a summary of the patient's medical history. Use the filters to view only the pertinent information for this visit. 
You can choose the order and color of the sections by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right. You can also choose to hide sections that are not relevant by unchecking the box next to the section. These settings are saved per user.

Incident Filter
Most items in MacPractice are arranged by incident, which can be created in the ledger or EHR. Quickly see the procedures, X-rays, attachments, and other details for the visit using this filter. 

Date Filter
If your office does not use incidents, filter by date ranges using the dropdown menu or the date fields. This would allow users to search for things such as a signed HIPAA form in the previous year or the most recent intake form. 

Export Clinical Summary
If you have the Patient Portal or Direct Messaging, export the Clinical Summary to the patient or another provider using the Export dropdown. You must have an incident selected in the Incident dropdown to export a summary.

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